Tree-climbing & Zip lines

in Sommières between Gard and Hérault !

100% secure More than 45 Zip-lines ! 3 Mega Zip-Lines of 200m !! Relaxation Thrills & sensational feelings ! More than 200 games Zip-lines over the water on the water side... Shade in the park

Tree-climbing & Zip lines

in Sommières between Gard and Hérault !

Tree-climbing : 30 minutes away from Montpellier or Nîmes

The discovery of a rich and varied environment, relaxation and where you can relax and have fun ! Our courses built with the latest generation equipment, offer you a playful, sporting or sensational experience, according to your desires.

Tree-climbing 100% secure

You evolve in complete safety thanks to the continuous line of life. Discovery in family in the trees, in a magnificent forest, or adrenaline in the summits for the more sporty, there is something for everyone…

More 50 zip-lines at Roc !

More than 250 activities with 3 new courses, 2 of them with strong feeling! Large zip-lines over the water with a new giant zip-line over 220m crossing the river from the department of Gard and Hérault.

20 tree-climbing courses

The courses are progressive, we welcome children from 2 years old on green courses of level 1 and adults from courses of level 2.

1. Ouistiti

1B. Libellule

1C. Castor

2. Découverte

2B. Slackline

3. Forest 1

3. Forest 2

3B. Roc'n'River

3C. Riverside

4. Aventure

4B. Red Roc

5. Tyrolienne

5B. Tree Top

6. Roc'n'Roule

6B. Hard Roc

7. Spiderman

8. Tyro du Roc

9. Roc'n'Zip

10. Zip Line

Options : 3 courses with amazing sensations!

The nature of Gard, a magnificent environment to practice tree-climbing

With its various trees, tree-climbing courses are built on more than 7 varieties of trees, the park offers a ventilated forest and very well shaded, for the pleasure of all.
The river contributes to the refreshing atmosphere and to the density of vegetation. The park is located on several hectares in a meander of the Vidourle between the Gard and Hérault, to 25min from Nimes or Montpellier.

Zip-lines over the water

The adventure park of Sommières offers more than 45 zip-lines on all courses. Several giant zip-line crossing Vidourle from Gard to the Hérault !

Guaranteed sensations 
Among the new courses, come discover “la Tyro du Roc” or “la Roc’n’Zip”, giants zip-lines overs 200m !


Le Roc de Massereau

1990 Route d'Aubais, 30250 Sommières

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